Our products & services are made for busy entrepreneurs WHO seek a minimalist way of living life. 

We call these distinctive souls -hybrids. To them spending on luxury items means helping a craftsman who develops innovative beautiful things. To them making a profit supports their favorite foundation. Helping others with solutions is their way of selling consciously. To them others come first and at times this nature takes over their routines and time for self-nurture. Hybrids are folks who believe in a universe that helps them and uses that help to touch the lives of others. 

Let productivity become a natural rhythm of doing less...and letting go, trusting in your path -always, in all ways


We help entrepreneurs do much less, be more impactful and expand growth in all areas. In our space, life quality will always come first and the pursuit of happiness is law. From building teams to setting morning rituals, our studio innovates modern day hybrid solutions that prioritize a Self-Care First Strategy™ over conversion. Helping you thrive in your universe, no matter what the definition of that is for you, we will work backwards, from what you most desire and help you not only create the plan to get there - but cut out the unnecessary steps on the road to joyful fullfilment. 


Marbel Canseco

Life Design & Product Strategy



Eyes wide open

It all began by deciding to make a difference in my own life. Stress, lack of boundaries and terrible daily habits had caused extreme health issues and muscle pain. My hair was falling out and I was busier and more successful than ever. 

One day, I decided to stop and asked myself the BIG WHY

What is the point of working so hard if my life quality does not purpose bring? Living to work or working to Live?

It took a physical injury and a few health scares, to really get the point. After several low points I realized it was time to take one step further and many steps back. See doing more is regular city life. But the wise way is to be present, prioritize how we feel. Slow down and give the best we can to help others by helping ourselfs first. This type of thinking seems conceptual, even wishful but I knew it was possible. We just needed a system to follow. So I got to work...


Hey, Profit Strategy, Meet Life Purpose

The Road:

After a long career in retail merchandising ( visual and display design ), my path switched to graphic design. In my twenties I started my own freelancing business out of my tiny apartment. For the better part of 20 years I've either sold products, positioned them, talked clients through the process or have made branding and visual marketing packages for multiple firms and businesses. On the side I ran a cleaning business, dog walking business, artist assistant business and marketing business - I have done it all. NYC is a multi-job-title kind of place but it's drive and survival that teaches many lessons.



Through the looking glass

After 20+ years of accumulating feedback and observing business women hands on, I've created a startup the focuses on the user, on the business owner, on the needs of a modern day career woman. ( Yes, career woman. The definition has changed, we are no longer only in business suits or only working from home or only a parent or partner, we are hyphenates and that's a beautiful way to build business and to live in a world where we can manage what we want. The question becomes HOW? )

What became clear in my clients, my colleagues and myself was the need to ground each day with a Self-Care First Strategy™, and no matter how much I kept my diet or watched beloved clients "deal with stress" it was impossible to do less.  At least I thought this way and so did they.

That mindset changed a few years ago in my business and personal practice. There IS a way to do less, be focused and build infinite drive into our day -daily self-care practice. 




means becoming so much more than profit focused


With a 20+ year career in everything freelance ( from walking dogs to assisting award winning artists to managing multi million dollar businesses ) I've done it all and can relate to how much time keeps entrepreneurs in a tailspin. 

If you are into semantics & resumes I hold a degree in design and have gone to several schools including the Fashion Institute of Technology and NYIT in NYC. What I am most proud of is going to the school of hard knocks. Learning from others who are in successful position. That's the best knowledge there is, it not only taught me about conversion and sales strategy but how the human element ( emotions) has more building power than we realize. I've witness clients break down in tears, retail products sell of shelves, employees break off on their own successfully. These are the moments that matter in business. Especially having had several failed business myself in the past. Nothing will teach you more.



The revelation of less means more

If you are in need of better focus in your growing business, are tired of struggling with your schedule or are looking for guidance in your building your team with operation systems from product development to design, look no further. I work one-on-one with premier clients to work through their bumps in the road and guide them through to solutions. You tell me what your dream day looks like, what your goal for the year is ( no matter if it's financial or spiritual ) and we'll get you a customized blue print within one meeting. That's it. Simplify and work your system.

form, function, purpose

a different kind of " regular business day"